Leafs vs Boston

19 12 2009

result: Leafs 2 Bruin 0

A very old rival came to town…but a renewed bitter aftertaste was left in the ACC tonight.

There are now new reasons Leaf fans hate when the Bruins come to town. It’s the ex-team for new fan-favourite Phil “the Vessel” Kessel, They are in the top echelon of the Eastern Conference, we gave them our goalie a couple years back (in exchange for Raycroft…) and it keeps coming back to bite us, and now…a massive (contoversial perhaps) head shot on Matty Stajan seals the age-old original six rivalry.

The Good:

  • The Leafs stop the (bleeding…) 2-game losing skid.
  • Gustavsson gets his first NHL shut out.
  • Blake finally gets a pretty goal…beauty of a pass, beauty of a shot top corner over the glove of Rask.
  • Schenn (the future…) is back in the game.
  • After a massive hit on Stajan going up the middle—team members take offense and take on some tough cookies — such as the behemoth freak of hockeyChara.

The Bad:

  • An ugly first goal (not complaining…did you see Toskala last night?) by Kaberle to open the scoring, one Rask would take back in a second.
  • I usually never do this…but Kessel has been a ghost in all the games against his former team…
  • The head-shot on Stajan with 5 mins left to play, and on his birthday too!
  • Leafs have a 4 min penalty they could not capitalize on…powerplay has been abismal lately.

Next game: Monday vs Buffalo (again!?)




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