Survivor: Finale

20 12 2009

There were many questions coming into this finale.

1. Could Brett continue to win his way into the top 3?
2. Would Russel be able to make it all the way?
3. If so…who would he take with him?


In the first challenge, it was do or die for Brett…and he “did”–winning his thirid challenge in a row to seal his fate in the final 4. Not since the merge has Foa Foa lost a memeber (amazingly…) but now they had to make a decision…The blonde, The “leader” (Mick), the player (Russel…) or the stong silent (jaison). Well, you had to know it wouldnt be Russel…he was the orchestrator (someone has to do it!).

The choice came down to who would be able to beat Brett in the next challenge…and the answer was Mick. Therefore, Jaison joined the jury (how will that come back to bite Russ? Stay tuned…)

Going into the last  immunity challenge of the season…Russel had all arsenals ablaze…Mick (his strength), Natalie (the small one) and himself (the never-say-die). The challenge was to balance a small statue on increasingly longer poles. It always comes downt to who “wants” it most…because no amount of skill is necessary in these challanges—you simply cannot prepare. So was it the wise decision to keep Mick? Answer…not really. He went out first. It came down to Russel and Brett…after much teetering…Brett loses to Russel—giving him immunity (as if thats a new thing?!) .

Trying to build some suspense, Russel and Brett make a big deal about whether it is better to lose against your “equals” rather than win to those who are “easy” opponents. C’mon. That’s not really a fair question at this point…Russel is there to WIN…and has made that clear from the start. Not really a suspensful vote…Brett is the last member of the jury.

So final three: Russel, Mick and Natalie.

Here are the arguements used:

Mick: I’m a stand up guy (a doctor…awwww) and I deserve the money because I played the most moral game (I might save your life one day….)

Natalie: I was the most ill-equiped to compete (tiniest…), but I learned along the way and grew into a true game-player with better social skills than Russel.

Russel: I outwitted and outplayed each of my opponents, and I made every move necessary to get into the top 3 (and I am waaaay cooler than these guys….)

There were also some memorable Jury Questions/Comments:

  • Shambo: calling Mick “feckless“…which by the way means: ineffective; incompetent; futile…in case you were wondering…because Mick certainly was.
  • Shambo also calls Natalie “the C word…” (careful Sham….) but she meant “Coat-tail“.
  • Jaison calls out everyone’s financial situation
  • the usual  “why should you win and not him/her“…yawn.
  • Brett asks Mick what he would do on a “man-date”…um, awwwwwkward. Kinda thought he was more into Natalie…hmmm.
  • Erik ends the rats with a plea to the jury to see each “evil” as the same…is it worse to “lie and cheat” than to “ride a coat-tail and act weak” ?

So the votes are in….Now Jeff has to go back to LA to tally (wait for all the shows to air…) and it will be months before the finalists get the big answer… but tonight was LIVE.


Shambo has the same hair, Natalie looks better with more than 90 pounds on her, Russel lost the abs (regained the belly), Brett looks like an A/F model, and Mick is the next cast member on Grey Anatomy… and the results are in.

Winner: Natalie (I kid you not…)

Did the best man win? What was Russels greatest downfall/mistake? What does the next Survivor look like? FULL post-season feature on tomorrows blog—




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