A Farewell …Monday TV Night

21 12 2009

It is the night I have been looking forward to (dreading with my entire being) for weeks now. Tonight could quite possibly be the best TV night for two weeks (during which, we are supposed to be filling our time with friends, family and frivolity…) so, stay in tonight…and say farewell to an old friend…new programming.

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

Sing Off-

It is the LIVE finale…and it all comes down to democracy tonight. The final 3 groups (Spanish group, Nerdy Collegians and the Voices of Lee) will sing for the votes of the American People, and to win the ultimate prize…a pre-christmas 15 minutes. This show has been a GREAT December filler…too bad it was executed so quickly and will end tonight…but thanks to NBC for providing us with some entertainment last week and this week. I suppose I have to make a prediction here? Okay, I havent had much time to judge the odds of each group…so I will make a (bold and perhaps reputation altering) prediction based solely on 3 nights of cheers…The Spanish group will take it. Tune in to see if I’m right , tonight NBC 8pm.

Leafs vs Buffalo-

Could easily be billed as Leafs vs Ryan Miller…because this guy has stoeln the last 2 games from us in a nasty, ugly way. Can Kessel, Poni and Blake figure it out tonight? Or will it be the unlikelies that step up? It could be a goalie duel as the Monster comes off a great game  (and is no longer a shut-out virgin) against Boston and will be in net again tonight. The Leafs would love to continue winning before Christmas , (and this is the last game on tv before the break…unless you are a rich Leaf fan and have Leafs tv) but they will have to figure out “Americas Goalie” tonight to keep it going. RSO 7pm.

Christmas Movie: Die Hard-
recently voted the “Christmas Hater’s Favourite Christmas Movie”…so whether you are in the mood for some Christmas-themed commi-terrorist killing or are consider yourself a Humbug…this would be a perfect option for tonight. CHCH 8:30

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV Night.




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