2009 Watercooler Moments

21 12 2009

Zap2it has released a list of Top TV moments this year—Here it is, with my thoughts…How many moments did YOU see this year?

A Year in Review: TV Moments of 2009


  • Jan. 16: ‘Battlestar Galactica’ returns (after a 7-month break…) with a lot of shocking deaths.
  • Feb. 1: Opening of ‘The Office’s’ post-Super Bowl episode (Where Dwight stages multiple disasters…and Kevin’s last act is to steal all the ships from the vending machine)
  • Feb. 11: Joaquin Phoenix on ‘Letterman’ (and everyone has a perma-puzzled look on their faces for weeks afterwards…)
  • March 2: ‘The Bachelor’s’ Jason Mesnick dumps Melissa, picks Molly (ouch. Just…painful TV)
  • March 24: Blake Lively tempts David Letterman with threesome (Little did she know…he may take her up on the offer…little bit tongue-in-cheek in hindsight)
  • March 25: ‘Lost’: Sayid shoots young Ben Linus (it must be the final season…)
  • April 6: Kutner commits suicide on ‘House’ (continuing it’s reputation for being the grittier Greys Anatomy)
  • April 10 and 15: Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper make tea-bagging jokes on air (Oh that Anderson Cooper…such a fox)
  • April 11: Susan Boyle bursts onto scene on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ (and hasn’t left “the scene” or sang another song ever since…)
  • April 29: ‘Lost’: Past Eloise kills Daniel, her future son (attempting to “jump the shark” in their final season…)
  • May 14: ‘He Needs a Kidney’ on ’30 Rock’ (a great episode, a great moment…song never available for download…an oversight on NBC’s part.)
  • May 14: George is John Doe on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ (My most freaked out moment of the year…much like the “bomb” episode a few seasons ago…left me rattled.Also, the WORST way to “kill off” a disgruntled cast member…kudos writers!)
  • May 31: Bruno drops in on Eminem at the MTV Movie awards (staged or not staged?)
  • June 2: Stephen Baldwin baptizes Spencer Pratt (staged or not staged? No question…)
  • June 8: Stephen Colbert goes commando (joins the troops and gets a nifty hair cut…)
  • June 9: Mark-Paul Gosselaar appears as Zack Morris on ‘Jimmy Fallon’
  • June 27: Chloe’s death on ‘Harper’s Island’ (for the hundreds that may have seen this…I’m sure it was a shocker!)
  • July 13: Ed has “difficulties” on ‘The Bachelorette’ (made up for in the next episode when the producers cut to footage of erupting volcanoes…we got the picture…thanks)
  • July 21: Jordan can’t do math or tell time on ‘Big Brother’ (and it is apparently shocking that some people who spend months of their lives on reality shows have no other talents or may perhaps lack education?)
  • Aug. 10: Miley Cyrus performs pole dance at Teen Choice Awards (and no it wasn’t taped in private for her boyfriend…it was infront of thousands of screaming girls and…her father.)
  • Aug. 15: Chima is removed from the ‘Big Brother’ house (I’m sure she’s literate so… she will  get another job…)
  • Aug. 13: Kate Gosselin squirms on ‘Regis and Kelly’ (and on Today, GMA, The View…)
  • Aug. 23: Heidi Montag’s Miss Universe performance (if you did not see it live, you certainly heard about it the next few weeks from Spencer…and according to him, it was a performance akin to the celine/Andrea Bocelli Oscar duet… but add a gold jumpsuit, dancers from my step class and a pinch of cringe-worthy awkwardness.)
  • Sept. 13: Kanye West interrupts Taylor Swift at the MTV VMAs (Kanye now lives in a hole, and Taylor lives in everyones hearts…aww.)
  • Sept. 23 – Mackenzie Phillips on ‘Oprah’ (to talk about her “papa”…)
  • Oct. 1: David Letterman reveals affairs, extortion (and Blake Lively realizes the ironic gaffe of her previous visit…)
  • Oct. 5: Nancy Grace-Jon Gosselin smackdown  (Jon decides to swear off women entirely…unless they are under 23)
  • Nov. 10 — Carrie Prejean almost walks off ‘Larry King Live’ (an almost memorable moment)
  • Nov. 22 — ‘American Idol’ Adam Lambert spices up the AMAs (hint: if you “out-spice” Lady Gaga…time to tone it down.)
  • Nov. 23: Paula Deen’s ham-tastrophy (y’all can find this on youtube…classic)
  • Dec. 1: ‘Melrose Place’ throws in some gratuitous incest (Funny, isn’t Ashley Simpson OFF this show?)
  • Dec. 2: ‘Glee’ goes super dramatic when Will discovers Terri’s fake baby bump (and breaks into song…)
  • Dec. 5 — ‘Saturday Night Live’ spoofs Tiger Woods while (abuse victim) Rihanna watches (also watching…every other battered woman tuned in to SNL that night….)
  • Dec. 7: ‘Gossip Girl’ A pack of wolves causes Serena and Trip to crash their car (I bet that would’ve sucked less if they were driving a Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla…the real tragedy is the $75,000 car-wreck)

I would then add: The Russel show-down on Survivor, and the Blonde chick he took as a “tag-along” wins the final prize…ouch.



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