A “not so happy” 2009

22 12 2009

We watched alot of TV this year (like every year…) but there were some shows that did not feel the same amount of LOVE as others (we love DWTS, Idol, SYTYCD, Greys…all the usual suspects)—

Here is a list of the LEAST watched TV shows this season (non of which are life-changing or shocking in any respect…you’ll see.)

  • ‘The Beautiful Life’ (The CW) –canned after only a few episodes, and even after the “star” went to rehab (which usually boosts ratings) the show tried to sub-in a new “star” to no avail.
  • ‘Melrose Place’ (The CW) –They even tried bringing back original characters, the problem is that nothing is shocking or “edgy” anymore…the content was weak.
  • ”Til Death’ (FOX) The post-“Raymond” vehicle for Brad Garrett…no love.
  • ‘90210’ (The CW) –another case of the “struggle to be edgy”…we werent buyin’ it this year.
  • ‘Brothers’ (FOX) –switched timelsots alot, and ended up in the dreaded “friday night” spot…death.
  • ‘Gossip Girl’ (The CW) –A one hit wonder show.
  • ‘Dollhouse’ (FOX) –I never watched it…but I’m not the only one apparantly.
  • ‘Better Off Ted’ (ABC) –a lesser effective attempt at comedy for ABC
  • ‘Supernanny’ (ABC) –A fad show a few seasons back…I didnt rememer this was still on.
  • ‘Cops’ (FOX) –a saturday night show with a niche following.
  • ‘Scrubs’ (ABC) –too quirky for a mass audience? It is in it’s 9th season though…still hanging on.
  • ‘Football Night in America,’ part 2 (NBC) –Like “The Today Show’s” second hour…you can only watch so much!
  • ‘Ugly Betty’ (ABC) — Had major audience issues this year, I forsee an ugly demise for this show.
  • ‘Parks and Recreation’ (NBC) –I wish more people watched this show, but like 30 Rock…critically acclaimed…but people dont like to be told what to watch.
  • ‘The Jay Leno Show’ – Thursday (NBC) –Because there are so many OTHER things to watch on a Thursday night…no chance I’m giving up an hour to watch a NIGHTLY show.
  • ‘SNL Weekend Update Thursday’ (NBC) –I dont see this venture returning next year.
  • ’48 Hours Mystery’ (CBS) –a “true crime” show…but we like the fake ones better!
  • ‘Gary Unmarried’ (CBS) –another comedy that forces you to laugh, waiting on each beat…formulaic and unoriginal.
  • ‘The New Adventures of Old Christine’ (CBS) –See above.
  • ‘Accidentally on Purpose’ (CBS)– see above. Comedies did NOT fare well this year…

Any of these surprise you? I will be interested to see how many return for next season




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