American Idol Official Schedule!

23 12 2009

Only 3 weeks left (of our TV hell that is…the holiday hiatus) of reruns, Holidays specials and disappointment…The Offical Schedule for the new American Idol has surfaced…so you better sit down, and take a gander at THIS!

Jan. 12: “American Idol” returns with the Boston auditions  (already on my calendar…!)
Jan. 13: Atlanta (*warning! this will apparantly run long, so set the DVR accordingly)
Jan. 19: Chicago (guest judges will sit in for an absent Paula…)
Jan. 20: Orlando (see above)
Jan. 26: Dallas (still more guest-judges…)
Jan. 27: Los Angeles (awaiting the triumphant arrival of Ellen…more guests)
Feb. 2: Denver (I’ve heard Avril and Kristen Chenoweth are among the judges…)
Feb. 3: The Road to Hollywood (Hoping this isnt a useless filler episode…)
Feb. 9, 10, 16, 17: Hollywood Week (Ellen DeGeneres joins the judges panel)
Feb. 17: Top 24 semifinalists are revealed (12 guys and 12 girls)
Feb. 23: Voting begins (democracy ensues…God Bless America)
March 11: Finalists revealed
March 16: Finalists perform for the first time (and most get their egos slaughtered by Simon…)
April 21: Idol Gives Back (its baaaack! Who will grace the stage this year? stay tuned…)

If I was having trouble sleeping because of a severe LACK of TV….how do they expect me to get any sleep with the anticipation of GREAT TV! I foresee lots of sleepless nights in the next 3 weeks…Who says life is easy?




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