Goodbye December Doldrums…

28 12 2009

in the midst of what I can only describe as a “TV Blackout“…I also left you all in the dark for a few days. Consider this an apology and a breath of fresh TV air…to help you survive the next 2 weeks of withdrawel. I have compiled a list and schedule of upcoming (returning and new!) shows that you can put on your calendar (start a count down…)

Here’s what I’m (obsessing over…) watching in the new year:

Jan 4th- The Bachelor — Jake is back, the hunky pilot  (ken doll replica) with a solid constitution and inner morality…we shall see. Once girls start stripping into bikinis, fighting for “play-time” and mixing alcohol with jealousy… morality is just a word.

Jan 5th- Biggest Loser returns…attempting to top it’s last foray with another 500 pound contestant. They are also back tot he “family” format…which by the way, does not make Jillian any more of a “mother figure”….in case you were wondering.

Jan 6th- People Choice– another one? Oh right, this one is different, there are “real people” involved (I voted…therefore I am inherently part of every acceptance speech…”thank you to the people”)…drinking game for everytime you see Rob Pattinson or Taylor Lautner… or hear the word “people”.

Jan 12/13- a 2 night, 4 hour American idol extravaganza! (see my previous post for the full schedule)… who will join the judges panel pre-ellen/post-paula? Here’s some hnts: Shania, Avril, Chenoweth, Applegate, Beckham (the female one sorry)…

that should get us through until February…when THIS HAPPENS:

Feb 11th- Survivor villains vs Heroes … if you spent your entire Christmas holidays missing Russel…he’ll be back…doncha worry! It will be interesting to see the old faces, and what category the producers will fit them into. I’m so there.

Feb 14th- Amazing Race– yes, they are trying the semi-annual season thing…to my pure elation!

Getting that TV Twitch back yet? I sure am… In the meantime, check back for “decade ending lists” and updates for returning shows… January is going to be a fantastic TV Night! (I’m hitting the gym…so that I can spend my entire January on the couch…you would do well to follow my example)




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