Tuesday night returns!

5 01 2010

Remember last year (3 weeks ago) when Tuesday night dominated all other TV nights with must-watch programming? Well…its baa-aaaack, with a renewed vengeance… I certainly hope you have not made any plans tonight…because there is just no excuse to leave your house tonight.

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

Biggest Loser:Family-
Seems like just yesterday that family man Danny became a mere (175 pound)  shadow of his former self on live television, alas…NBC is pumping out another season of everyone’s favourite (put down the cheetos) guilty pleasure (kick in the butt…)
This season boasts it’s “heaviest” contestants yet… as usual (pretty soon you’re going to see people coming in on cranes…) but adds a twist from seasons past…the family aspect. Each contestant pairing is related, giving the partnership a deeper connection…I’m warning you now, there will be lots of “Jillian the psychiatrist” moments, neglect issues, “I want my parent /child to be proud” speeches and “I dont want to let him/her down” statements pre-weigh in.

I think it has been painfully clear in all previous Biggest Loser postings that the true star and draw to this show is the trainer/devil’s messenger that is Jillian Michaels. You have to believe with every extra pound each contestant comes in with, She will equal in the intensity of her encouragement (vocal lashings) and training technique (physical tormenting).

Tune in to the season premiere tonight (eat your snacks before-hand…just saying) NBC 8pm

World Junior: Gold medal Game

I couldnt have written a better ending to this hockey storyline. Canada…the powerhouse defending “our game” from the Americans…looking to beat us for supremacy of the last sport that isnt theirs…

Tonight, it isnt the “Cold War” Russians, the Big-Swedes or the talented Czechs…its lose darn Americans that will make Canada prove we still OWN our national sport. A rematch in many ways…Canada just edged the US in tournament play…but the US has risen to the top as the main (most hated) rivalry for all Canadian sport.

By the way…Canada is gunning for it’s 6th straight title in this annual tournament… you never want to be that team that loses the streak. Tune in for the historic game tonight, 8pm TSN

Leafs vs Florida (14th vs 13th)

If you are in the “hockey mood” tonight, there is certainly alot of options available to you…but considering there are only a few prime “awake” hours in a TV night… you may want to make this your second choice. You know I’m a Leaf fan (by birth…), but I have to admit… I will only be watching this game in between the Juniors game. It’s a(nother) must win game for the Leafs…but only because they would fall DEEPER into the bottom of the barrel  with little hope of clawing their way out by season-end. I will watch this game until the Juniors game begins… but I truly hope Kessel gets his scoring touch back, Gustavsson stands on his head, and Leafs big-wigs watch the Juniors play and get some tips (or draft picks).

Puck drops 7pm, RSO

Whatever you decide to watch (Go Canada Go), have a great TV Night.




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