Further Predictions…

6 01 2010

I have already posted my predictions (see below)  for the Award WINNERS tonight…but I have other (slightly more entertaining) predictions to make.

For example – I predict there will be a Michael Jackson tribute. (and it wont be the last one you’ll see…not so much a prediction but a guarantee)

Other predictions for the night:

  • Taylor Swift will get alot of face time—but not as much as her ex-squeeze/namesake…Taylor Lautner.
  • Kristen Stewart won’t wash her hair… put on make-up…or think about what she shows up wearing (except her famous scowl…she will definitly be wearing that.)
  • Queen Latifa will try too hard (all she needs to do is bring Robert Pattinson onstage with her… cue a thousand 13-year old screamers)
  • A Jackson will be in the audience. (Latoya, Jermaine or even nephew Jer-Majesty)
  • Every single winner will thank “the people“…in fact, make the word “people” your drinking game for the night…it’s a sure thing.
  • Johnny Depp…won’t be there.
  • Kanye West…also won’t be there.
  • Lady Gaga… I can’t even attempt a clothing-prediction. But it will most likely be either: spikey, shiny, hardly-there, light-up, or perhaps even…living.
  • You will get sick of the vampire theme that was…2009.
  • One of the young, muscular teens will attempt to change the world with their speech…but will not be able to get through it, and resort to smiling/mumbling/basking-in-the-love instead.

I am excited to see which Jackson shows up, what Lady Gaga will subsitute as clothing and which reality show will win the dogfight in that category…Tune in tonight at 9pm, CBS. 




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