Peoples Choice LIVE

6 01 2010

People’s Choice Awards- LIVE commentary

  • Queen Latifa takes on a SuBo song to start the show… slightly out of her league (we all know the “music montage” is just another excuse to show all the celebs in the crowd)— a very tired, overused opening format. Billy Crystal’s ears are bleeding.
  • As predicted, trying to hard…breaking out the street lingo. Likes “peeps” (pardon my French.)
  • Ellen in a dress! I kid…Ellen wearing her same old fem-suit. Wins for favourite talk show. Surprise. Shout out to BFF Oprah. Gayle cries in a corner.

Comedy Movie-The Proposal

  • Awe Sandra and ryan…cute couple (sorry scarlet and Jesse)
  • Why is their producer dancing (embarrassing herself) onstage? She’ll regret that later…


  • Nicole Sherzinger looks like…an Oscar. (the power of positive thinking…)
  • Robin Hood trailer revealed (the first of many shameless promotions slated for tonight) Russel Crowe grows his bangs back and does a sequel to Gladiator… wait… different movie?!
  • More excessive (vanity) celeb camera shots. Carrie Underwood looks pretty (shocker!)
  • Corny paranormal activity spoof. Another stale filler…
  • Cloris leachman makes an inappropriate cameo… shudder.

RB artist- Mariah Carey

  • Needs help standing and walking to the podium (cue doting puppy dog of a husband)
  • She will need the same amount of help getting herself OUT of  that outfit…
  • She has never been able to string together fully coherent sentences since her breakdown ten years ago.
  • Hint: production team…next time, do not make actresses in stilettos walk down a steep winding ramp. It never ends well.

Tv comedy actor: steve carrel

  • perhaps the last winner of the night that isn’t a vampire portrayer.
  • That Colombian actress from modern family…very…well… endowed. Yikes.

Tv comedy actress-Allison hannigan

  • Not tina? She’s so last year…
  • Survivor preview
    • Rupert, boston rob, coach, Russell, gravedigger, Colby, parvati, jerry, sugar, JD, Tyson…tribes are revealed… I’ll have to look at the frame-by-frames for a full list.
    • Very pregnant jenna elfman and very old chevy chase announce TV comedy. They also break the award… prop dept has a hernia.

TV comedy-the big bang theory

  • Sleeper hit of the year…a bit of a boys club.  The only token hot girl girl is wearing a garbage bag…bad decision (amazing, something less sexy than the faded PJ’s i’m wearing to watch this show…)
  • The forgotten Christian slater (oh…thats the name of his movie…my mistake)
  • Mary J Blige performs the same recycled song she’s been singing at every awards show this season. (I change over to the Leafs game…just as much of a bore-fest as MJB. Sigh.)
  • First vampire sighting of the night. Kellen (sorry…not the one you think)

Country artist- Carrie underwood

  • Small trip (nothing  j-lo worthy…dont get excited)
  • Taylor loses for the first time…in…forever!

Dramatic actor- hugh laurie

  • Has a prime seat front row while the rest of the cast is five rows back (close to the washrooms…I can only assume that was the justification?)
  • Taylor Lautner sighting….smart camera man found him.
  • (fergie-less…rare) for another sneak peek (unoriginal remake of the 80’s classic…with a slightly bigger budget and team of CGI artists)
  • George lopez is yelling again…and makes a Tiger joke.

Movie actress- Sandra Bullock

  • One step closer to an Oscar Sandy…finally!
  • Makes a Nicole kidman joke…she looks like she’s laughing…hard to tell.
  • Jackie chan…after all this time in American cinema…almost needs subtitles.

Action star-hugh jackman

  • Should’ve come shirtless…but chose a suit instead. Sigh.
  • Twilight spoof. Only mildly entertaining… but ends with a Taylor Lautner sighting. Smart.
  • Indy film- inglorious basterds

Breakout movie star-Taylor lautner

  • Surprise surprise…an intelligent tactical move by the production coordinator. 
  • His attempt to speak, put together a speech foiled by screams…he succumbs to the urge to look pretty and wave. 
  • Miss People’s Choice filler…apparantly we CHOSE her…did we choose to be subjected to a product placement laden “makeover” segment?
  • And it continues after the break…as if watching real commercials wasn’t enough.

Male artist- keith urban

  • Is it wrong that I envy his hair?
  • Nicole wore her smile tonight… a nice gesture.
  • Performance… who gave the lead pussycat doll her career back?
  • Jessica Alba proves getting pregnant is only a 3 month fat period (at most)…and that was so last year.

Webceleb- ashton kutcher

  • The man who put twitter on the map…shoulda known.
  • He is filming this…will i see myself, watching him on tv…online? confusing…

New tv drama- vampire diaries

  • We knew the vampires would show up again

New tv comedy- glee

  • Celebrating a win for closeted-Musicals geeks everywhere!
  • Major sponsor pays off the cast…gyps them of a speech…delivers pizza to a crowd full of people who don’t eat carbs. Nice…


  • LL Cool J pretends he’s NOT promoting his new CBS show…

Female artist-taylor swift

  • You knew she had to win SOMETHING tonight…just a matter of time.
  • She has officially gotten over the jonas break-up and the kanye scandal
  • Sash Baron Cohen…acting….normal?! Looks weird on him.

Movie actor- Johnny Depp

  • Not a vampire… still managed a win….strange evening.
  • He must’ve been in the area with nothing to do…because he showed up! (give him credit for that…but no points for deciding NOT to shower before the show)
  • Ticker-tape completes the festivities…America loves it’s ticker tape endings.



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