Friday TV Night…

8 01 2010

Generally speaking, Friday is not the most interesting night to watch television (at times, that’s a severe understatement) but tonight is actually… an exception.
I’m not saying you should cancel all your plans for the evening, but thanks to a crammed Olympic schedule, we are seeing the Leafs play for the 4th time in 5 days (what is this? Baseball?!) along with a handful of other notables.

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

Leafs vs Buffalo-

As previously mentioned, like it or not, we have seen the Leafs play 3 times already this week…and we will be subjected to it again tonight. The Leafs have tried everything to generate an iota of consistency; changing goalies, sitting players, tongue lashings, dodgeball games, bootcamps and media blackouts. There is no answer to the woes that haunt this team. Once only 2 points out of 8th spot (the coveted and only realistic position to shoot for), the Buds are now 8 points out (give or take) and are settling for maintaining Burke‘s pride and reputation as a year-end goal.

tonight, I hear Toskala is back in net (sigh…) and kessel has been in the doghouse all week…therefore, tonight is a game that will prove whether or not verbal abuse is an effective method of motivation. We shall see.

Wednesday night’s game was ugly (cringe worthy…), but as a Leaf fan by blood…I can only take the stance that things can only get better!

Tune in tonight, 7pm RSO.

Shark Tank-

I have urged TV fans to give the CBC’s Dragons Den a fair shake on wednesday nights- tonight, the American version of the (Canadian) franchise airs on ABC. Mark Burnett (of Survivor fame…) has gathered a bunch of successful American business minds (and snatched a few of the Canadian originals…) to host a panel where fledgling entrepreneurs get the chance to pitch their money-making ideas. The best part of ANY reality show is revealing the dilusions ordinary people, and exploiting the whack-jobs that want to be on TV…this show is full of them! Every now and then, someone has a great idea…but needs the capital to get it off the ground- and that’s where the “sharks” come in.

Give it a shot tonight (then also tune in for the Canadian version…) 8pm ABC

Other options:
Raptors play tonight at 8 on TSN
– Ghost Whisperer
returns to CTV at 8pm
New episode of Numbers is on Global at 10pm

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV Night.




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