Sunday night TV

10 01 2010

For me, tonight is like Christmas Eve-eve. You know what I mean, the day before ..the night before… all the excitement starts. Of course I am talking about all the new shows coming back this week -most notably American Idol sans Paula.

But first we have to get through tonight (abismal…sundays without Amazing Race are always lacking), and monday (slightly more promising). At the risk of getting ahead of ourselves…

Here’s What I’m watching Tonight:

Cold Case- Ole’ faithful. Always entertaining, always a well constructed storyline and interesting production value. Until CSI returns, this is a good option for police procedral fans. Tonight, 8pm CTV/CBS

Extreme Home Makeover- Ty and his gang of home rebuilders (with heart!) are back with a new episode tonight. At times, this show borders on irritating with it’s over-the-top sob-stories and declarations of Love, Hope and the American dream. Sigh…but it’s sunday night and pickings are slim. Tonight, 8pm Achannel

AFV- never gets old. Watching idiot adults dance on tables at weddings, attempt to get out of canoes, or crash into inanimate objects…just gets me every time. Its new tonight, 7pm Achannel.

whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV Night.





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