Monday Night Bachelor

11 01 2010

“the most dramatic Bachelor yet”

it’s only a matter of time before you hear that sentence in every new season of the Bachelor…and on a promo I saw yesterday—I heard that phrase for the first time on THIS season.

I have been hearing alot of rumours..

1. Rozlyn (one of the blonde models) had a scandalous affair with one of the PRODUCERS while on the show…and was promptly eliminated. It is to be seen whether or not she is ousted with an explaination, or whether the writers will make up a story to preserve her dignity (….i hope they air the dirty laundry…it’s WAAAY better tv!). This story gets better— apparantly, she concocted this scheme on purpose—because she WANTED to leave the show. It has been speculated that she was trying to hide the fact that she is a mother, once revealed…she did not want that to be shown on TV (or for Jake to find out that she has ‘baggage’). Interesting. She sounds like a really great mom. Why do they even need to script (stage…) drama on these shows…the actual “reality” of these contestants are so much juicier!

2. Promos have hinted at another little indiscretion on set. Apparantly the intervewing process for these girls (actresses…) did not go deep enough into their personal..errr…preferences. I am hearing that two girls arent getting enough lovin’ from Mr Perfect Pilot…and venture…within the house. Yes. a love connection is made…between two contestants…! what?! I know….this sounds preposterous… i can’t wait to see how they handle this one!

In my opinion, Jake got the worst bunch of ‘potentials’ yet. The guy is such a hopeless romantic…but that doesnt mean he should have to choose from a bunch of hopeless romancers! Where are the girls with real jobs? real education? real…body parts? Is there really a gal in this bevy of beauties that can match his intellect (ability to put together sentences) and passion for life (ability to perma-smile)? He is determined to ‘find a wife’ and has reportedly come away from the show engaged…so let’s just hope he picks the best of the group (jury’s still out on who THAT may be…) and signs an airtight pre-nup.

We shall see— tonight, lets hope some of this drama rears it’s ugly head…because that would make for a great monday TV night!

Tune in tonight, 8pm Global.




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