American Idol Premiere!

12 01 2010

So tonight Paula was replaced by the skeletal waif that is Victoria (I only eat celery) Beckham…seriously. When she turns a certain way…she completly vanishes from sight. But I guess that’s what she’s going for so…congrats on the negative Body Mass Index

I have to say— I didnt really miss the awkward stammers, lame attempts to over-talk Simon, and perma slurs of Ms Abdul. Kinda thought I would…but it’s almost more enjoyable to hear a full sentence put together by people not on ambiguous medication.

at any rate— let’s get to THE SHOW!

You know what to expect with the audition round…delusionals, fame mongers, inspirational life-stories, local ‘heroes’ with a dream, the hostile ( foul-mouthed)….and every once and a awhile…a future star. Tonight’s episode did not deviate from this template for success (obsession…)

The Good:

  • Girls embracing the rebirth of the old-fashioned, 1940’s jazz club singer. (I’m so done with people trying to be the next Mariah… I’m loving the throwback to Billie Holliday as the alternative trend)
  • The Italian teddy bear with the Rock star voice! (I have an early favourite!)
  • People who dont look like they sound. (skinny white boys with SOUL for example!)
  • The “feel good” cancer story…producers are thanking the heavens that he ALSO has a great voice!
  • The African boy’s mother blows Aretha Franklin’s inauguration hat OUT of the water !

The Bad:

  • Nasal Hippy — singing Elton John…painful. (the nasal singer…not elton john…to be clear)
  • The (aforementioned) delusional girls… the real blame goes to their parents/friends… for EVER telling these girls that they have an ounce of talent (or that pink hair and ill-fitting jeans gives them sex-factor). Shame on you. Shame…
  • Girl takes nintnedo game too seriously…and tries out after beating the last level. In that case, I could be in the Indy 500 next year thanks to Mario Kart.
  • The guy that sang britney (first mistake) and danced like Beyonce on acid… I kid you not.

some good, lots bad… we’ll see it all again tomorrow in Atlanta!



One response

13 01 2010

Haha Chrissi I read you blog regularly and the Idol one is hilarious. Im sitting in the common area at school waiting for class and I actually laughed out loud
(which hurt because I just had fitness) =)

Thanks =)

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