American Idol Tuesday!

12 01 2010

It seems like FOREVER ago that: Paula Abdul had a job, That pretty boy won over that edgy boy, Ryan flashed his toothy LA-grin and said “Seacrest…out” (making him a cool 10 million), and Simon had to buy a new grey/black/white v-neck Tee.

But it’s ALLL coming back tonight (sans Paula…) in the 2 HOUR Tuesday night premiere, part of a 4-hour AI extravaganza spanning (taking over TV) 2 nights…! And with all the rumours, speculation, drama and judge replacement announcementsFOX is milking it’s cash cow for all it’s worth…and I’m not ashamed to say …I will be a major contributer to their dominance.

It has been confirmed that this season is Simon’s last (!), this season is Ellen’s first (!) and will feature a buffet of guest judges and “stand on their feet” singers (quote courtesy of Randy on his press tour recently).

Who will we see in tonight’s round of Auditions?

The guesters on the docket are all big names…but this one is a head shaker (‘one of these things just doesnt belong ‘come to mind…) Victoria (I’m skinnier than you…) Beckham. Interesting. Most interesting to me will be seeing if she has a personality, a body flaw, an intelligent opinion or a different expression to share with the world. Her random appearance would be worth it to me if  at some point, David Bechkam showed up to bring lunch (a garden salad…)- shirtless preferably.

I’m ready for my yearly obsession to begin…Tune in tonight at 8pm, FOX.




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