Thursday Night TV…

14 01 2010

Well, Thursday night is back… only half of its former self…but at least tonight marks the return of SOME of our favourites.

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

Greys Anatomy-
Why must they foist a “cross-over” shows on us so soon!? Yes, tonight Greys is back after a VERY long holiday hiatus…and it will be a cross-over with (it’s ugly sister…) Private Practice.

To recap briefly: Izzy is back, Carrev is totally going to fall for “the lurker” as I call her (the doe eyed mercy-west invader), Ellen Pompeo will emerge from ‘under the blankets’ post-pregnancy, McSteamy has a daughter the same aga as his girlfriend, and Christina is going to have to fight off a former-flame for Owen. Should be interesting, Tune in tonight, ABC/CTV 8 pm

NBC Comedy Thursday-
This is what they are calling their string of unsuccessful yet acclaimed comedies airing back to back tonight. First, it’s the mildly amusing Community– with an appearance by the mildly amusing Jack Black. Next, the deadpan Parks and Recreation, with SNL ex Amy Poehler. Followed by 30 Rock with the darling of 2009, Tina Fey. All of these shows are as advertised…good old fashioned (with a hipster/Yuppy vibe) comedies. It all starts at 8pm on NBC…running directly into the recently canned Jay Leno Show.

Leafs vs Philly-
It’s hardly worth inciting you to watch the disappointing boys in blue. But tonight, Philly is town…and although the rivalry pales in comparison to the bench-clearing brawls of the 70’s… the game is always grittier and more entertaining than a bout against a Carolina or Islanders team. Let’s see if the Leafs can stand their ground and pull out a win tonight, TSN 7pm.

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV Night.




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