Let’s talk about Last night…

15 01 2010

Here are the results of viewership/rating for Thursday night:

  1. Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)
  2. Private Practice (ABC)
  3. The Mentalist (CBS) 
  4. CSI (CBS) 
  5. Bones (FOX) 
  6. Fringe (FOX) 
  7. Community (NBC) 
  8. 30 Rock (NBC) 
  9. 30 Rock (NBC) 
  10. The Mentalist (R) (CBS) 

interesting. I guess the strategic move to make Greys Anatomy a “crossover event” with its (uglier, less cool) sister show worked out nicely for it’s ratings.

I have to admit, I wasnt even tempted to watch the Private Practice part-2 of Greys…I’m sure there was lots of cheating, pregnancy scares, nights of passion regretted in the morning and witty doctor-speak/innuendos.

Nice to see 30 Rock in the top 10- strange that Parks and Rec (in between Community and 30 ROck) did NOT crack the list…and there was a cameo by Amy Poehlers off-screen hubby as a manic MRI technician…hilarious. Try again next week. 

CSI is no surprise, DR Ray is breathing new life into that show—we still love the CSI structure…let’s see how it’s off-shoots do in the coming week with their premiere episodes of the season.

HUGE response from Bachelor fans on the leak of the PHOTO…you know what I’m talking about, the picture of the producer Rozlyn entered an ‘inappropriate relationship’ with, consequently ending her chances with Jake. The trade off…in hindsight…probably not the best decision she’s ever made. Maybe he has a great personality.



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