Golden Globes LIVE blogging!

17 01 2010

Ricky Gervais makes fun of NBC…who doesn’t these days?

Nicole Kidman– delivers the first Haiti shout out.
-looks…like a Barbie. Plastic, tall…pink.

Monique takes her ‘precious’ time (sorry…) – first God shout out.

Toni Collette-very shiny.

John Lithgow– finds his own way to the stage…a short cut through the wings…He didn’t go to rehearsal.

MY favourite movie of the year…UP! wins best animation. John Lasseter is the new Walt Disney…

Michael C Hall-wearing a touque? It’s LA. It’s raining…not snowing.

Old ER star wins- Juliana Margueliz…just one MORE person in the room who’s ‘been with’ George…on screen of course 😉

Is this a tribute to Michael Jackson coming on stage? Nope…just…Cher.

Paul Mccartney loses a MUSIC category? BURN!

Another win for UP! In the music category…may be the only time tonight anything will beat Avatar.

Helen Mirren– says “life is tough”- wrong crowd.

Meryl Streep– makes an announcement, is officially changing her name to T-Bone Streep…Something that only works if you are Meryl Streep. Moment of the night thus far.

Kevin Bacon– tipsy…definitly.

Drew Barrymore– has a mollusk on her shoulder- and still talks like a 6 year old. But as always, one of the most interesting and charismatic people in the room. Oh, and another Haiti shout-out.

Jennifer Aniston STILL has the best hair in Hollywood.

Canadian content alert! Jason Reitman wins for best screenplay.

Thank you Maggie Gyllenhaal for ANOTHER Haiti call-to-arms.

Sophia Loren-class act.

The hottest cast on TV takes the stage…Mad Men wins best Drama (shocker!)

Everyone back to your seat…Taylor Lautner is on stage. Everyone from Helen Mirren to George’s Italian lady of the month, swoons

Halle Berry…wearing her catsuit…still.

Wow…Martin Scorsese has made alot of movies…understatement.  Very appropriate, receiving the Cecil B Demille award…very similar stylistically and narratively…  epic entertainment.

BURN! Mel Gibson’s drunken escapades get ripped by Gervais…nice!

James Cameron…on his way to an Oscar. Wins best director. Nerd alert…Cameron breaks out in Na’avi (the new kling-on)

GLEE wins best comedy/musical- PLEASE sing your acceptance speech! Too much to ask…sigh.

Haven’t seen Reese Witherspoon in a while…she looks…younger ?!

The Hangover wins a golden globe. I kid you not. Is an Oscar next?

Ah-nold… puts the emPHAsis on the wrong syLLAble in AVatar.

Mickey Rourke-why is he there? He certainly doesn’t know that he is.

Sandy Bullock wins for…DRAMA! Totally HER year… although, I still think Ms Congeniality was Oscar-worthy…that’s neither here nor there…arguably the most interesting person in the room.

Robert Downey wins an award for being cool…i think. One of the better speeches of the night…I’d be willing to bet he never got beat up in highschool. He has far too much swagger.

Jeff Bridges wins for Crazy Heart…I guess he must’ve figured when he got the closest table to the stage…2 in front of George.

Julia Roberts– feisty feisty gal…love it!

THE BIG ONE- Avatar wins it! Oh, and as we speak, it’s raking in another 40 million.

…all results on tomorrows blog




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