Monday TV Night…

18 01 2010

Apparantly TODAY (January 18th) is considered the MOST depressing day of the year, (that excludes people who live in LA, Rio, or Denmark) but I dont see why! ALL the shows are back, it’s the (euphoric) start to Award-show season, the Olympics are only 20 days away, and it’s Bachelor-Monday.

Here’s what (keeps me from being depressed) I’m watching tonight:

The Bachelor-
Can anything top the DRAMA from last week’s episode? By now you’ve seen “the picture“…you know, the picture of the “staffer” Rozlyn “entered an inappropriate relationship” with? it’s HERE. How do they ramp up the drama from last week, how about this...I’m hearing rumblings that Tenley will reveal that she is PREGNANT!
So tonight there will be more group dates, and one-on-one dates…lots more champagne, tears, “connection”, pilot euphemisms, hot tubs and “ab” shots of Jake. I can’t see how you could possibly be depressed (unless you are a contestant on this show, namely Rozlyn). Tune in tonight for the (say it with me now…) MOST dramatic season of the Bachelor yet! 8pm ABC/City.

CSI Miami-
It’s Baaaack! After the original CSI raked in the ratings last week, it will be interesting to see how well Horatio and his gang of gorgeously tanned forensics fare in the wake. Tonight’s episode involves a “baffling case” of a man found chopped in half. All in a day’s work. Again, you only have the right to be depressed if you’re THAT guy. Tune in for another new season of “H”-isms and long walks into the Miami sunset. Tonight, 10pm CTV/CBS

Leafs vs Nashville-
sigh… Did anyone MISS the Leafs on saturday? To be honest, It was kind of a relief. I had a very relaxed Saturday night without them…but it’s monday, and I am forced to be optimistic and watch the Leafs take on the surging Predators in Nashville. After a great performance vs the Flyers, Toskala was a let down in Washington…and therfore, Gustavsson is back between the pipes (such a soap opera for the true starting role…), and it looks as though Primeau and Komisarek are pencilled in after a stint on the injury reserve. cross your fingers for a good performance tonight. 8pm, RSO.

whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV night.



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