Tuesday Wrap

20 01 2010

What a great night of TV…although, it wouldve been better if American Idol was still 2-hours… 1-hour just didnt seem long enough an indulgence.

Here’s a wrap of tuesday night TV:

American Idol

The Good:
few and far between…for a big city like Chicago, there was disappointing talent last night. Only 13 tickets were given out in the two days, and apparantly over 13,000 people showed up… a ratio of 1 in1,000…yikes.

  • Shania Twain guested on the panel, and she is lovely. I can’t say anything bad about her. Stunning AND down to earth (I guess growing up in Canada and living in Sweden helps with that…)
  • The Duffy sound-alike that started off the night…loving the throw-back voice trend.
  • Another youngin’ (16 year old) with a soulful voice… Charity is her name (appropriate) – very commercial.
  • A previous contestant ( a 3-timer ) comes back- and usually I hate that, but this girl has a fantastic voice, and I can see her finally breaking through this year.
  • John Park– a hip, vocally-trained guy with a fantastic “lower region” (as Shania called it…)- get your mind OUT of the gutter…he has a powerful low register.
  • A short snippet of a guy singing “Heaven“- Simon didnt like him, everyone else did…I LOVE him (i will look for him to do well in Hollywood and get some more face time).

The Bad:
Considering only 1 in 1,000 were deemed”good”…safe to say there was ALOT of bad last night…or as I would say, my new favourite people.

  • “Broadway Girl” with an interesting dance move…Eat your heart out Beyonce, this girl has a breast heave/move that will blow yours out of the water. Check it out on Youtube…it verges on frightening.
  • Hint: Accordians never make it through to Hollywood… neither does blue hair… put them together and you’re really pushing it.
  • My personal favourite of the season thus far— a delusional, mousy character named Brian singing Tiny Tim (“Tiptoe through the tulips”)— with actions. He also refers tot he judges as “Mr.Cowell and Mr Jackson”… hard to know whether to laugh or cry really. I did a bit of both.
  • Montage of failures, behind the track “That dont impress me much”…a fairly obvious choice, but appropriate.

Biggest Loser-
A GREAT episode for those who love watching Jillian (turn into the hulk ) release her rage on the contestants. In this case, it was warrented… Migdalia was in a funk, a sour mood akin to a scorned 13 year old girl towards her frenemy. Jillian was trying to decide whether or not to beat it out of her (in the vintage Jillian way) or to be softer with less results. She actually turned to Bob for help on that decision…really?! Don’t worry—she went with the devil on her shoulder and released her inner Hulk. Most contestant would have crumpled into a sea of emotional outpouring…but Migdalia put up a wall and retreated to her room. Send in everyones favourite “blow-softener”, hero of the hour…Bob. Hug it out.

that was the major drama, but at the weigh in… The Big Italian family dropped below the line…and the Mother pleaded for her son (a 500 pounder) to stay on the ranch. Most obliged and she was sent home… down another 30 pounds, she looks right on track!

Oh, and the Leafs lost (insert eye-roll, sigh and knowing-cringe here)…




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