iiiiit’s Thursday!

21 01 2010

Thursday night TV is BACK and it is giving Tuesday a serious run for best day of the week… all the better for us! DO NOT go out tonight, make plans to throw on your best (oldest and most crumpled) pair of PJ’s (paint shirt and flannel pants) and flop yourself infront of the tube…Enjoy!

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

Greys Anatomy-
This show is heating up , becoming must-watch TV again… which I am THRILLED about! The Chief is drinking again, which is starting to become noticable, and Meredith gave in and told Derek at the end of last week’s episode. Derek (being the knight on a white steed that he is…) will now take matters into his own hands and decide what is best for the hospital. Will he go to the board…or save his friendship with his mentor? Remember when HE was drinking the days away…? The Chief stuck with him…that should come into play along the lines.

Also, Christina “gave up” Owen (like lunch money) to jealous Blonde Ex. How much will Owen appreciate that move? And the biggest shocker of last week was the break up of Little Grey and McSteamy over his selfish long-lost daughter. I’m not a fan of that storyline (did anyone watch that continue with the PP crossover? I didnt…) and I hope the writers get sick of writing her into the plot soon…I’m over her.

Will Izzy return tonight? I saw her mug in a promo…but she’s been MIA for a long time now. I’m almost forgetting why I care about her….

Tune in tonight, ABC/CTV 9pm

Dr Ray
and the rest of the gang are back in full new-episode form…and I’m loving it! Tonight’s episode is about a well known golfer (sound familiar?) showing up dead at a high profile event (who could they POSSIBLY be referencing?) This would be really morbid if anything else happens to Tiger… but in the meantime, I’m sure it has NOTHING to do with him… watch tonight at 8pm CTV/CBS

Comedy Thursday on NBC-
starting at 8:30 with Parks and Recreation, continuing with The Office at 9pm, and ending with a blow to the comedic jugular, 30 Rock at 9:30. If you enjoy a good chuckle without the aid of a laugh track, these are ALL great shows and they dont get enough appreciation (or viewership, excluding The Office perhaps)…so maybe tonight is the night you give them a shot?

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV Night.




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