SAG awards…

23 01 2010

Here’s a run down of the nightpretty much a copy-cat of the Golden Globes, with less shiny statues.

Comedy Actor TV: Alec Baldwin (and his smarmy brother…I don’t know which one)

Comedy Actress TV: Tina Fey (shout out to NBC…good call)

Montage: celebrating ‘funny’- how did scenes from Housebunny, Charlies Angels and Forgetting Sarah Marshall make it in there?

Kevin Bacon’s waif..err…wife introduces with the always in character…Ray Romano.

Comedy cast: GLEE (please sing…please sing… sigh….maybe next time)

Helen Mirren could not be a classier lady…and stunning.

Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz

Actress Drama TV: Juliana Marguelis (a genuine thank-you to her parents…)

Actor Drama TV: Michael C Hall

Drama Cast: Mad Men (second consecutive win…but I hate John Hamms beard)

Presidents speech…you’re safe to turn the channel for 5 mins.

Back with Sandy Bullock to present Betty White with the Life Achievement Award. Hilarious. “I find her annoying.”

Betty White piece: what a great career. 65 years…still current, still funny, still iconic!

Speech- a zinger in response to Sandy “isn’t it amazing how a girl THIS plain can accomplish so much”…ha!

Actress miniseries/movie: Drew Barrymore (usually so eloquent …she  sounds like her 5 year old self spitting out a speech…cute, but 30 years late)

Actor miniseries: Kevin Bacon (yawn…carbon copy of Golden Globes)

Supporting Actress Film: Mo’Nique (I even spelled that right…i know what you’re ALL wondering…did she shave tonight? Hard to tell.)

Actor Film: Jeff Bridges (he’s on that Hollywood momentum train to the Oscars…)

Lead Actress Film: Sandra Bullock (love her…she’s having a Tina Fey-esque career year!)

Ensemble Film: Inglorius Basterds (I guess the Na’vi don’t count in this category…)




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