Idol Tuesday Recap…

26 01 2010

Day 1- Avril‘s wearing a jersey fabric hoody/devil costume— thats…neat. (?!)

  • a girl…nope, guy, with a self professed high IQ. Ironically, singing Meatloaf– has the same mannorisms…not so much the talent.
  • A worship pastor…always good! Sings an original (its no “pants on the ground” but…) he has a stand out voice. Avril says to be a rockstar you have to be a heathen. But he makes it through.
  • A sandwich maker/David Carradine imposter sings the Righteous brothers. Apparantly not a good mix.
  • Avril’s long-lost hardcore sister sings Pat Benatar, and sounds like…Pat Benatar.
  • Adam Lambert look-alike (coincidental…i think not) A little much for someone who hardly opens his mouth. painful.

Day 2…goodbye Avril, Hello Kitty! (sorry, katy…perry that is).

  • Austin…looks like a scene from Chicago, dances like Mick jagger…sings with a fake British accent. Not well unfortunately.
  • Matching your hair with your purple spandex, surprisingly…never seems to work.
  • Andrew Garcia (heartwarming backstory…giving a good indication of his chances)  sings Sunday Mornin’ …and WOWS Simon. (good thing they took the time to film his life story and interview his family…)
  • Female minister, sings Joss Stone, with less aggression. Remember her, she’ll be here for awhile.
  • Creepy, creepy Jason. Dont they check police records BEFORE these people audition? I dont know about this one. He sings “I touch Myself”…with the appropriate choreography (of course).
  • Another tear-jerker life story to end the show…with a pure voice and genuine passion. D’ya think he makes it through? Yup, good guess!

Neither of the guest-judges were particularly insightful…Avril was useless, Katy Perry looked like a pin-up girl– but at least has an opinion.

We do it all again tomorrow night people…stay tuned!




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