Tuesday Night TV

26 01 2010

You got through Bachelor Monday…and as a reward, I am excited to bring you…Tuesday! Not that I have to tell you, but you really need to cancel all plans for tonight and stay in…you will not find any better entertainment than Tuesday night programming!

here’s what I’m watching tonight:

American idol-
That’s right, the first of two Idol nights kicks off tonight in the city of Angels…LA! Everyone who lives or moves to LA wants one thing…(cue David Bowie) FAME! So tonight should be chalk full of delusionals and potentials. The guest judges seat tonight will share the bum of Avril (I still wear ties) Lavigne, and Katy Perry. Should be interesting…considering there may be contestants older than them…and taking advice from people who wrote such groundbreaking hits/lyrics as “sk8er boi” and “Hot N Cold“, may seem a little counter-productive. But they will be fun to watch, and are a better fit than Victoria (dressing on the side) Beckham.
Tune in tonight, 8pm FOX/CTV

Biggest Loser-
Someone has been lying. And if you lie to Jillian, you can be sure death wouldve been a better option. There will be pain tonight…all the more reason to (grab a snack) and watch! Will Migdalia lose the ‘tude? Will the Italian Son ramp up his effort on the heels of his mothers elimination? Will Jillian kill the first contestant in Biggest Loser history? I won’t count any of those possibilities out… Tune in tonight, 8pm NBC

and the Leafs are playing…if you still care. 7pm Sportsnet.

Whatever you decide to watch…have a great TV Night.




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