A good night to be Canadian…

27 01 2010

Let me explain that BOLD statement. Tonight is a great night of TV… that is, if you enjoy watching a President speak off a teleprompter for an hour (or more…lets be honest). YES the President is taking an hour of Primetime to address the nation tonight, unless you are Canadian…in which case…you can turn the channel!

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

American Idol-
Mr Obama is smart. allowing an hour of the highest rated TV show to be aired before he gets his hour. So my American friends, dont worry…you will still get your second dose of Idol tonight! After a pretty useless Avril (kinda Canadian) Lavigne, and a feisty Katy (pin-up) Perry… the BOYS will rule the roost (judges panel) tonight! Adding some sex appeal to the panel, Joe (your daughter loves me) Jonas, and Neil pretty-face (okay, Patrick)  Harris join the judges tonight in Dallas. Tune in tonight (pre-address) 8pm FOX/CTV

Dragons Den-
Its Canadian, and it’s awesome. If you’d rather watch the President speak, I can’t help you…but if you are looking to fill another hour of your evening with programming…watch it! canadian “entrepreneurs” (people with bad, mediocre, or great ideas) pitch their spiels to Millionaire investors to help them launch their product, or invest in their growth. Find it on a CBC channel after Idol, but it airs in it’s local timelslot at 8pm.

Other options:

Raptors vs Miami, 7pm RSO
Australian Open Tennis, Womens semi-finals, 9:30 TSN

Well…kinda slim spickings tonight, but whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV night.




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