Wednesday Idol recap…

27 01 2010

Here we go…It’s Idol wednesday!

Day 1- Neil Pretty-face Harris has no problem being constructive and honest…way to go Doogie (you already blow Avril out of the water).

  • first fail:  making a sign for yourself…never ends well. Also, never sing ‘back up’ songs…one song is usually enough to make your impression on the judges. NEXT!
  • The flamboyant ‘winker’…painful.
  • Ex-Barney singer (is it wrong that I remembered her? I’m not proud of that…) comes dressed in dominatrix. (frightening parallel between ex-barney kids and ex-mickey mouse/disney kids…we all know how THOSE kids ended up!) The judges liked her…I tend to hope she gets cut in Hollywood (which will drive her to rehab, who are we kidding?)
  • Sad backstory #1: guy with turrets syndrome, healed when he sings. and he CAN sing! I like him…
  • Charming dock worker— first auditioner that has genuinely made me smile…whew, he can ALSO sing!

Day 2Joe (the cute one) Jonas lends his…err…professional opinion (?) to the panel. Did someone tell him NOT to say anymore than 4 words in a sentence, and that the cool way to say “yes” is…”yea”? He got the memo….

  • Backup broadway singer (d’ya THINK he’ll be good?) sings an original song (still…no ‘pants on the ground’…but what is?) very creative, amazing eyes…3 yes’ and a ‘yea’ from Joe.
  • A very pink girl, with very purple make up (desperate for her 15 seconds), surprisingly sings very badly.
  • Blonde girl with the cute brother- pretty girl, pretty voice. No question! (and Joe will get her number later…)
  • Another sad backstory (to end the night): Girl lived through childhood cancer, she’s only 16 and has a very controlled, nice voice. Good thing they did the lifestory…she makes it through.

That’s it for Idol this weekbest guest-judge thus far? The opinionated and combative Katy Perry was fun. NPH held his own… Avril and Joe, make me frustrated with my life. because they are famous, and I am not…and sometimes good things happen to very average (but very pretty)  people. sigh…

until next week Idol fans…!




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