what the Thursday?!

28 01 2010

Thursday…in the past has been the night to look forward to…the reason you can get through monday (first day), tuesday (useless day), and wednesday (humpday)! But tonight…No Greys, No CSI, No hockey…?! What the heck is goin’ on here?

Here’s what I’m forced to watch tonight:

Live for the Moment-
Jeff Probst’s
new reality special, which features people in their last days of life, living one of their dreams. Sounds morbid, but apparantly it’s uplifting. We shall see…
Tune in tonight, CBS 8pm (in place of CSI…why?! )

Other options: (very slim…)

Raptors vs Knicks – Raps are on a winning streak (something Toronto sports fans are not used to in recent years…) 7:30pm Sportsnet

After a night taken up by the Presidents speech (as entertainming as that was…) you’d think networks would jump at the chance to put out their “A” line up, on the best night of TV…is it some weird holiday that I’m unaware of?

Well, whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV night.



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