Friday TV nuggets…

29 01 2010

Time for some news from the TV world…who doesnt love a little gossip on a friday!

Item #1:
That insipid woman who co-hosts beside Tom Bergeron on DWTS is “moving on”. She’s not dead, she’s just “pursuing other opportunities” (Hollywood speak for… hit the road Samantha!) She has reported that she will be leaving the show in favour of more serious reporting duties (at least a hour of work per day) on the (completly reputable and hard-hitting) news show The Insider.

I’ve moved on as well (with an enthusiastic fist pump and a small joyous jig) , now beginning to speculate who will take over that most lucrative post. Could Paula Abdul be free (or able to string together coherent sentences)? I’m sure Ellen wouldnt mind taking over ANOTHER show! Sources are saying that the other Lachey brother could be a candidate (both brothers are looking for work…could get nasty!) Thoughts?

Item #2-
Sources have revealed that Lady Gaga will be the opening act at the Grammys this sunday! Not only does that make me salivate with anticipation (will she wear clothes or machinery?), I have also heard that she will be joined…by the KING of flamboyancy (no, not Lambert or David Bowie…) Elton John! Giving me tingles, I will be cancelling everything I have planned on sunday, and you should too (tune in for my pre-show extravaganza and predictions)!

Item #3-
Not that anything could match item #2, but if you are a Bachelor fan (you dont have to admit it publicly…i understand) you might liketo know that Jason (jerk personified) and Molly (the other woman) are still going strong…and are getting married. Not a shocker, but ABC is jumping on it and making it a 2-hour special. March 17th is the date (also the day Melissa Rycroft mysteriously disappears into her storm cellar to block out the world). Will you watch? Sadly…I probably will. There I said it.

Item #4-
Jay Leno is moving back to the Tonight show (old news) but he wont be moving very far. I am hearing that the SAME set he used for his 17 year run of the Tonight Show, was completly overhauled for his like 17 week run of the Jay Leno Show…and will once AGAIN be entirely redone to tape the Tonight Show round 2! (did you keep up?) Its not overly exciting news…but re-read item#2 for an extra boost!

That should be enough to get you through awkward lulls in meetings, or around the watercooler today- you’re welcome! (also, if you live anywhere close to Brooklin CANADA… see my newest feature in the Crier on local newsstands today!)




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29 01 2010

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30 01 2010

not bad….

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