Grammys 2010- Live Blog.

31 01 2010

Here goes…

  • My first question is…why is “the situation” in ANY way related to this event… did he get kicked out a bar/strip club across the road and wander over because he saw J-Lo?
  • Opening number: Gaga in a princess Amidala/working girl inspired get up…a  jump that could’ve ended in a J-Lo moment, whew! Instead, thrown into a fiery cauldron… and ends up with a flame of another kind! Elton John! They are like the same person, no?
  • Warning to all performers set to follow that duet…Pull up your socks or dont even bother.
  • Stephen Colbert…gives a shout out to the money-makers in the crowd. JayZ looks thrilled. Manages to make digs at nearly every person in attendance…atta boy!
  • Announces Song of the Year: Beyonce- Beyonce didn’t know she would win…and decided to stay backstage.
  • J-Lo emerges to introduce Greenday’s performance (appropriate?) wait..thats not billy joe, and did Greenday add new members? Nevermind, they’re the broadway singers. Everything sounds amazing with a little Broadway infusion! (am i right…GLEE?)
  • Kristin Bell and Josh Duhamel wish they had a hit movie to promote..but…they show up anyways, to introduce Country Music Album: Taylor Swift (why does she even act surprised anymore?)
  • Beyonce performs, with a back up SWAT team. Sings If I were a Boy…if she were a boy, She’d be Usher…no?
  • Seal announces (Canadian content alert!) lifetime achievement award to Leonard Cohen…that was a short homage…on to …Pink.
  • Pink decides to go the “i’m a real singer” route…until the robe comes off and shes wearing strategically placed ribbons. She proceeds to join cirque du soleil and dangle/soaking wet over the crowd that spent thousands on expensive clothing. Nice touch.
  • More short (slightly insincere) tributes from Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert.
  •  And on to Best New Artist: Zach Brown Band. (surprising really)- Just came from cutting and sipping homemade moonshine by the fire.
  • Miley Cyrus intro’s BEP:  Leather facial masks (Hannibal lector-esque) everyone waits for the first song to end…and…I Gotta Feelin’– complete with dancing ‘speaker-trons’. Lots of metallic this year…I guess PETA can celebrate a mini-victory for the night.
  • Oh good, the Joni are just here to announce Lady Antebellum. (Guess T-Swift being nominated 9 times and performing tonight trumps Joe again…feels good don’t it?)
  • Performance a bit of a let down from the seizure- inducing I gotta Feelin… no dancing trons or metal jumpsuits here.
  • Best Comedy Album: Colbert Christmas – first one to thank god…sorta. In a Colbert kind of way.
  • Norah Jones and Ringo Starr present Record of the year: Kings of Leon (!!! Very good shocker!!!) Fergie is the only one standing…weird connection.
  • Robert Downy Jr (coolest guy ever…and he knows it.) introduces Jamie Foxx (thinks he’s the coolest guy ever…and is wrong)…attempts to sing through a T-Pain-synthesizer and make it sound live, and/or authentic. Fail. Enter Slash…seriously.
  • Justin Bieber (mini)  and Kesha (drunk)…make an appearance, for appearance sake. Bieber has one line….and screws up.
  • Katy Perry and Alyce Cooper (ironically, he looks like her hubby to be…)
  • Best Rock Album: Greenday (no surprise…Grammy favourites for sure)
  • Zach Brown Band performs- what’s with the sudden Americana…do I have to stand? (I didn’t by the way…sorry). Enter the stereotype of old Southern Bluegrass Country music on the piano. White beard, White Stetson, shades… perhaps a glimpse of the lead singer of ZBB in 50 years. Puts on a guitar CLINIC…live. Take that Jamie Foxx.
  • Ryan (I own this town) Seacrest to intro Taylor Swift.
  • Singing a ‘new song’ (everyone loves THAT)…hoping for an old favourite…and here she is, Stevie Nixx! And they give the legend the tambourine…?! (Wasn’t that the instrument for the ‘special’ kids in the school band?)
  • Lionel Richie introduces the MJ tribute (did you think we’d get through the night without one?)
  • 3D performance (I’m supposed to whip out my personal pair of 3D glasses? I lost mine…) instead I am forced to watch a blurry video piece about children walking among the trees, befriending butterflies. Enter Celine Dion looking sparkly. Carrie looking stunning (as usual…) and smokey Robinson looking 25…still. Kind of an awkard performance…Now I’m sorry i didn’t keep my glasses left over from Avatar.
  • Enter the Jackson spawn (maybe) and they look…fantastic. wow. Why did he cover them up for so long!?
  • Sheryl Crowe introduces Bon Jovi (is it weird that they’ve never played at the Grammys before? Seems odd to me…anyways, Bon Jovi looks better than ever so…I’m not complaining!)Enter the Sugarland Chick…they have very similar physiques (shouldn’t have worn the same pleather pants).
  • Placid domingo and Mos Def…together (seriously). I wish Mos would open his mouth, it’s easier to understand Placido.
  • Rap Song collaboration: Run this Town – Kanye isn’t there…he is replaces by the cutest kid ever to grace a Grammy stage (Justin Beiber cries in a corner)
  • The face of Haiti in Hollywood, Wyclef Jean. Introduces the Haiti benefit song, Andrea Boccelli and Mary J Blige (who has been popping up everywhere lately…new record?) A nice duet of Bridge over Troubled Waters.
  • President of the Academy speech…a collective yawn.
  • Adam Sandler follows (to add some levity) to introduce Dave Matthews (and his band). – always a class act.
  • A GLEE kid! Still not singing…drat. Gives out Best Female Vocal: Beyonce (Halo) – (wow, talk about blowing Taylors night!)
  • LL (I’m still) Cool J. Introduces Maxwell (my eyes are starting to get droopy…kinda wish he had dancing stereo-trons to keep me awake.)
  • Jeff Bridges (riding the Oscar train) introduces a tribute to Les Paul. Enter Jeff Beck… and a very gold woman.
  • Quentin Tarantino (still wearing his 3D glasses…?) delivers the intro for (Canadian shoutout!) Drake, and Eminem, and Lil John!
  • The ‘5-second bleepers’ get their exercise on this one.
  • Santana and John Legend announce final award (lady gaga is now wearing her lightning bolt ensemble), Album of the Year: Taylor Swift (wow…now Beyonce’s night is ruined!)



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3 12 2010
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you could just listen to the beat of those high bass from Rap songs, i just like rap songs ‘:~

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