Bachelor monday recap…

1 02 2010

5 girls remain (since Jake axed 4 girls last week, he cut  like…3 episodes which will I’m sure be made up for in dramatic fashion later)

First date: 1 on 1 with Ten-lo (Tenley)
They are super cute together, as they go ‘discovering’ in San Fran’s chinatown (which could be anywhere, in any major city in the world)- question, did they make everyone who saw them that day sign a non-disclosure contract?!
Then they have a romantic dinner in a tower, where they talk marriage. I feel like they really gel, and are very similar. But I cant help but think Ten-lo may still be suffering with some self-esteem issues (who isnt?) stemming from her divorce. She seems to think if she was more ‘holly housewife’ circa 1950…her husband wouldnt have cheated…yikes.

Next date: 2 on 1 with Gia and Vienna (dun, dun, dunnnnn)
They go to a castle…no, winery (?!) where both girls vie for Jake’s attention (awwwwkward). Gia wins round one, getting Jake to herself for a make-out session (little excessive, if a hot tub was involved…it wouldve been on HBO). Vienna tries to up the ante by going to Jake’s room at night (where he is coincidentally, half-naked) He refuses her advances and sends her to her room…anyone else see this relationship as more father-daughter?

Date 3: 1 on 1 with Cory
Who? the other, other blonde one. Jake is wondering why there is no ‘connection’, which results in a very awkward “should i kiss him?” moment in a canoe. Jake still wonders why she doesnt “open up”…then, what was billed as a ‘surprising revelation’ is revealed…Cory…is…a…virgin! (horror of horrors!) Jake says it’s not an issue (we’ll see about that…now the comment about her opening up seems significant…or ironic)

Date 4: 1 on 1 with Ali
Has she mentioned that she’s a) excited! b)in her home town! or c) over the whole Vienna feud ? yes, exhaustingly. So she gets to show Jake around her ‘digs’ – which looked strangely similar to his first date. He gives Ali a chance to give him her opinion of Vienna…and in typical Ali fashion (all talk, no action) she cops out, telling him “it’s all about you” and “you’ll make the right decision”.

Rose ceremony (summarized):

Gia- “do you really like me”
Jake- “you’re gorgeous” — make out session.

Cory- “are you sure it’s ok that I’m a virgin?”
Jake – “yup” — friendly hug (careful!)

Tenley- “are we still good?”
Jake- “don’t worry” — let’s dance

Jake- “look at my sweet bachelor pad”
Vienna- “you better pick me”

Result? Cory goes home. Because she was “slow” and ‘didnt open up fully’ (translation…she’ll never put out.) Boys will be boys…

until next monday… we can spend another week hating Vienna.




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