Wednesday Night TV

3 02 2010

Is it ironic or geniously premeditated that there’s a show called “the middle” on wednesdays? Kinda makes you think…but I digress. It most certainly is the middle of the week (so far a very good week) of TV. Hope you arent bored of American idol…because that is the highlight of the night…

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

American Idol-
In the final auditions before the Hollywood round…by now, you know what to expect. They are calling tonight’s episode “the road to hollywood“, so I’m assuming we will be seeing clips/auditions from a few cities (therefore, more like a summary of what we havent seen). This means, we will see more from each esteemed guest judge (Like we havent seen enough Posh Spice, or Joe Jonas’ insightful contributions…) We are only 6 days away from the introduction of Ellen as the permanent 4th judge…thank goodness! Tune in tonight for your last look at rejects, delusionals, tears…and a few good singers to watch out for. Tonight, 9pm CTV/FOX (notice, 9pm not 8!)

Modern Family-
A very funny show as an alternative to reality TV. No laugh track, very funny situations and storylines…and Minnie Driver makes a cameo appearance tonight. Tune in ABC 9pm

Jumping on the Vampire phenomenon sweeping the world…tonight’s episode dives into the possibility of a vampire underworld, when a girl shows up in central park…drained of blood. Fun for the WHOLE family (calm down, Taylor Lautner does NOT guest star…)! Tune in 10pm CTV/CBS

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV Night.




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