TV notes…

4 02 2010

There are a few rumours flying around that I thought you may be interested in hearing… I am ONLY the messenger, you can do some investigative work if you feel the need!

Rumour #1:
Pamela Anderson
is the first one to sign on for the new season of Dancing with the Stars. Not as the co-host, calm down…
This raises SO many questions for me. Like, will she want to wear ALL that clothing? How often do you think there will be an accidental wardrobe malfunction? Does she have to…speak? They will need to hire a dancer over 6 ft tall…otherwise, with her shoes…eye level for a guy is…just awkward.

(confirmed)Rumour #2:
SYTYCD is returning in May…which will usher us into the summer season nicely 🙂

Rumour #3:
Another reason to hate Vienna Bachelor fans. US weekly is reporting (use discretion on this one…) that Vienna’s ex is in Iraq…but while they were still dating, he reveals that she cheated on him, AND took thousands out of his bank account for Breast Implants. She called it a business expense, because at the time…she worked at Hooters. Classy. By the way…she is currently unemployed.

There you have it,  a few good ones to mull over and discuss with your co-workers today- ENJOY!




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