(Hometown) Monday

8 02 2010

I was thinking of totally skipping Bachelor gossip for today, because people might get the idea that this blog is too Bachelor-heavy. But it’s monday…and looking at the other options for TV tonight— The Bachelor delivers… I’m not ashamed anymore.

Where else can you get this calibre of real-life (fabricated) drama in a 2-hour primetime period?! Seriously.

And you CAN’T miss it tonight ladies and gents (gents…ha, ya right) because it is the episode we’ve all been waiting for: Hometown visits. You know what to expect. Awkward Bachelor moments (is there anything better?!). Like long lulls in dinner-conversation, weird PDA infront of parents/siblings/friends, poignant questioning periods, one-on-one conversations with protective parents…and tears, lots of tears. (because the girls have to show how MUCH they love their families, how important they are to them…how they love their daddys more than anything- such a classic turn on)

We have seen the previews, so..is it any surprise that Vienna has a weird father? Of COURSE Vienna has a creepy/controlling/ sugar-daddy-esque relationship with her father… no shocker. But when will Jake start to CARE that this chick is a nut-job no matter how you slice it?! I’m even hearing rumours that she IS the one he proposes to at the end… shudder. (at that point, i can’t care for his welfare…he did it to himself)

Will the other hometown dates be as entertaining? NYC Gia will have parents with awesome accents. Tenley will have a timid, down to earth southern family. And Jake can just repeat his ‘hometown’ date with Ali from last week. (same date in San Fran….just add parents).

There is also another BIG shocker in the previews (nothing surprises me anymore…) revealing that there will not be a rose cermeony. This is pre-empted with scenes of hugging and crying, which may or may not be the actual chain of events. So…whats the deal? Is it just that they had to make up for the elimination bloodbath a few weeks ago (when Jake sent home 4 girls in one shot)? Or is there really a more dramatic reason?

We shall see! Tune in (with me) tonight, 8pmABC



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