An Epic Tuesday

9 02 2010

If you have plans…cancel them. If the phone rings…let it go to voicemail. If you are having a bad tuesday… leave work early and get ready…for an epic tuesday TV Night.

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

American Idol-
it’s (finally) Hollywood week and the ‘guest judge’ phenomenon is OVER! Yes, ladies and gents…tonight is the inauguration of Ellen Degenres as the 4th judge! This could only be bigger if Oprah was taking the reigns (or maybe Conan…or Jay)…either way- this is huge! She has promised to be honest and forthright…but not mean. I hope she doesnt try to be funny ALL the time. Some may recall, she had a one-day guest judge stint on SYTYCD and it wasnt anything to write home about. But this is her new, perma-position, and she will most likely take it more seriously. Should be interesting- tune in tonight, 8pm FOX/CTV

Biggest Loser-
The Olympic edition (get it? NBC….promoting their coverage of the olympics? free promotion…). Not that I mind, this blog is going all-olympic come Friday…so this will be a good seguay! I digress… the ‘losers’ will meet with some Olympic athletes, and engage in Olympic-themed challenges and work-outs. Personally, I think Jillian could join any female hockey team as the ‘aggressor’ and destroy competition. Tonight, 8pm NBC

Oh…and if you are still on the LOST bandwagon, it’s All-New tonight at 9pm on ABC. I’m just confused by it all…I couldnt keep up. and that’s saying alot because…I kept up with Gilmore Girls for all 10 seasons.

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV Night.




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