Another Wednesday…

10 02 2010

I billed last night as Epic. It was in reality…average. I apologize for the hyperbole, but I’m betting you’re happy you stayed in anyways (am I right north east USA, and northern Ontario?). Tonight, I won’t use exaggerations- but I’m optimistic!

Here’s What I’m watching tonight:

American Idol-
Round 2 in Hollywood. Traditionally, THIS is my favourite round- GROUPS! I think it tends to remind me more of Americas next top model (with the catty-ness and finger-wagging) or even Survivor ( because theres always ONE in every group who feels like they arent part of the ‘tribe’). I havent had long enough to make a decision on Ellen– but it isnt possible for her to under-perform Paula (mostly because she isnt on handfuls of prescription medication hourly). Hopefully, the producers will show more than just punch lines – but she likely wont come into her own until the LIVE performances. At any rate, tune in again tonight for the drama of the GROUP round! FOX 8pm

Dragon’s Den-
You know I advocate for this show every week. So take my word for it… it’s the Canadian (ahem…original) version of Sharks Tank. The entrepreneurs are either hilarious, delusional or genius. And the ‘dragons’ are quick and smart- just good TV. See it tonight, CBC 8pm

Modern family-
A Valentines Day (no relation to the movie) episode. A very funny show without the “badoom-ching!” and laugh track. check it out! ABC 9pm

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV Night.




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