Day 2 Results

13 02 2010

The Opening ceremony was the most watched TV event in canadian HISTORY! 23 million of us tuned in (thats even more than the mens hockey finals of 2002…huge!) Apparantly NBC struck (rare) ratings gold, with 34.5 million viewers on friday night (those are like…Oprah numbers!).

Highlights of the day:

Ski Jumping– an AMAZING last jump for gold, and Simon Amman SUI takes it with a massive 108ft. Pretty dramatic ending!

Womens Hockey- Canada vs Slovakia… you had to feel bad for first timers Slovakia…Canada won it in the first period, and went on to a record breaking 18-0 final. ouch. But hey, go canada go…we were in our element for sure, and the hometown crowd was outstanding!

Short-track speedskating- a little disappointing for Canada, Charles Hamlin, a gold medal contender, did not make it out of his heat. But in a dramatic turn of event, Olivier Jean (French-Canadian Rastafarian…i kid you not) got through on a default. but he was up against the formidable Korean team, and Apollo (DWTS winner) Ono… and placed 4th. Both Canadian teams made the finals for the relay event, finals next week.

Freestyle Moguls– The whole Canadian team: Jenn Heil , Christy Richards and Chloe Lapointe made it through to the finals. Both Jenn and Christy considered medal contenders against those pesky Americans.

Chloe had an amazing (and somewhat surprising) run in the finals- when no one thinks you’re gonna win, you’ve got nothing to lose! Richards stole the night…she wiped out…then got back up and landed a HUGE unprecedented jump for the crowd. Atta Girl! The nailbiter, Jenn Heil (Canadian Moguls Sweetheart) has a PERFECT run, but watched American Hannah Kearney just edge her out for gold! The drama!

So Canada finishes with a Silver medal today, congrats Jenn Heil…keep er goin’ team Canada!




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