Day 3 results

14 02 2010

Whatta day! The Olympics are heating up, and I am LOVIN it!

Day 3 Recap:

3000 mtr Speedskating: The darlings of Canadian Speedskating went for it infront of a hometown rowdy crowd for the Womens 3000 metres. The roof almost came off when each lay was introduced, Canadian royalty Cindy Klassen, Clara (flagbearer) Hughes, and Kristina Groves.

and Kristina Groves, by a nailbiting hair…hangs onto Bronze for Canada! (calm down, this wasnt Klassen or Hughes’ best distance, their time will come later on!)

Congrats to: Martina Sablikova (Czech Republic)= gold and Stephanie Beckert (Germany) Silver

Men’s Moguls: After an exhilerating finish to the Womens Moguls last night, 4 Canadians were going for it tonight! And for every hero, a villain. The ‘Australian’ …born, raised, trained and LEFT Canada to pursue  a multi million dollar business deal…and now the favourite to win. He sat in first as Canada’s best Alexadre Bilodeau took the hill. An amazing run, turned into an AMAZING finish! Bilodeau beat out the traitor….and hung on to WIN THE GOLD! (cue Canadian cowbells!)

Congrats to: Dale Begg Smith (Aus) Silver and Bryan Wilson (USA) Bronze

Medal count after Day 3: 1 Bronze, 1 Silver, 1 Gold

way to strike a balance Canada! Bring on Day 4!




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