Bachelor Side Note…

15 02 2010

Not that I want to think about ANYTHING else besides the Olympics tonight…but The Bachelor does not rest, therefore neither do I.

There are some rumours floating around that will most likely effect the outcome of the last few episodes. Wanna hear them? here ya go:

Gia’s Scandal-
what? Yes, I am hearing that in a repeat scandal from last year, Gia had a boyfriend while on the show. This ‘boyfriend’ has come out saying that she dumped him while filming, but have since rekindled… I guess that means she’s not engaged/married to Jake? Wow…if this is true, that’s quite a shocker, and probably wont be discussed on air. Or will it? THey love the drama on this show…but if there’s one thing Jake HATES (or makes him cry…) it’s a two-timer cheat with a significant other (see last years dramatic return…).

Ali’s Return-
I thinkw e all saw THIS coming. As soon as Ali made the decision to leave last week, it was pretty obvious that we would see her again. I’ve seen previews that show her crying in her bed, crying on her porch, crying on the boardwalk she had her date with Jake on (interesting that the cameras were there to pick up all this ‘genuine, candid’ sadness). ANd of course, just as Jake is getting ready to go on a date…she gives him a call. sigh…

More Vienna news-
There has been TONS of speculation and sources saying that Vienna is the ultimate winner of the ‘rock’ and Jake’s heart. I hear so many rumours about this girl…sounds like a class act. She has apparantly “dated” a few high profile sports stars (and Backstreet Boy Howie), oh…and her mom is a topless dancer. So, if Jake chooses her…I’ve got nothing more to say. But maybe he’ll be the first Bachelor to return as the Bachelor next season to ‘try again’.

tune in tonight, 8pm ABC




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