*small* Bachelor recap

16 02 2010

I don’t have much to say about all this.

By now you’ve heard that Ali wanted to come back, but Jake said no. Another heart breaks… only until she gets her own show .it’s inevitable and completley predictable at this point.
…and I’m sure that will be a ‘candid’ question at the Women Tell All next week.

it’ll go like this:

Chris: Question from the audience?
Audience member :this question is for Ali. Would you consider becoming the Bachelorette next season? (the audience member then receives her $50 from ABC)
Ali: ummmm (insert surprise and consusion over the question) i dont know what to say. If the opportunity was there, I would haev to seriously think about it. (meaning, she already has the job)

Also last night, Jake got it on with 3 lovely ladies. I’m tired of watching ‘foreplay’ on TV! shudder…at least there was no erupting volcano innuendos.

In the end…horror of horrors, Vienna lives to see another day. And because I’m such a skeptic, I feel like this is ABC screwing with us. Pitting “Good”  Tenley against the evil Vienna for the final rose. Even with jake asking vienna what kind of ring she wants…made me ill.

At any rate, the Women Tell (nothing we havent heard) All is next week, and in two weeks, all will be revealed.




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