Day 5 Wrap

17 02 2010

really? I’ve spent 5 days riveted to the TV? Doesnt seem like that long, I suppose I should try and leave the couch tomorrow…we’ll see.

If it’s anything like today’s line up, I wont be going anywhere!

Snowboard Cross Womens-
Postponed for a LONG time…but resumed 3 hours later…and good thing it DID! The course was really wet, and people were dropping liek flies, including both Canadian hopefuls. But because the riders get a few chances to make the finals, Canadian Maelle Ricker was able to get a strong second run…enough to make the finals. Just goes to show, it aint over til its over! Maelle came from behind, and falling in the first round to WIN GOLD! (see the growing medals collage below…!)

Curling rounds began today, and if you dont get into this sport…you should! It is high-octane drama! Well, its more baseball drama than hcokey drama…but it is a fantastic game of strategy and skill. Canada also happens to dominate. Kevin Martin played two rounds today and his team came away with both wins. Womens team, skipped by Cheryl Bernard also won their first round. Congrats!

The anticipation has been building for 4 years. I kid you not. Hockey is a secondary religion in this country, and we were all praying for something to get excited about. Tonight, the team that will represent it’s founding country, stepped onto the ice for the first time…and do you think the crowd was into it?! OMy…if there was a Norwegian fan in the arena, I didnt see one. Anyways, not a very comeptitive game, Canada won it handly 8-0. Keep it going boys!

Here’s how the medal count looks tonight:



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