Goodnight Day 7

18 02 2010

A GREAT day of competition…a little bit of everything!

Heres the recap:

Both Canadian Womens and Mens teams fared well today- both winning their matches…there will be two medals there, just a matter of colour.

Long Track Speedskating-
My nail biting moment of the day. Canadian Christine Nesbitt was the favourite for Gold coming into the race. She started off slow…and kept losing time. But Catriona Le May Doan (the newest feature commentator…and one of my personal heroes) kept reminding us to be patient, that Nebitt’s strength was at the END of the race…and coming across the line…0.02 of a second was all it took for GOLD! Wow…she made up a full half second (thats like…hours in speedskating time) in the backstretch…an unbelievable race. congrats! Canadian women are OWNING the podium!

Mens Hockey-
CAN v SWITZ: commentators could NOT stop making the “4 years ago, on this day…Switzerland rocked the hockey world by beating Canada” comparisons. Part of me thinks they ruined the game for all of us. The non-story became unnecessary drama/pressure. The boys looked a bit lacklustre…and the SUI goalie Hiller stood on his head (many times…45 shots for Canada). Canada blew a 2-0 lead, and forced into OVERTIME (!!!??) After 5 minutes of that…ntohing solved…the dreaded SHOOTOUT! I had no nails to chew off from this afternoons speedskating, so I literally have no fingers left. Anyways, long story short… Sidney Crosby is the new national saviour and Brodeur makes the final save to become the legend. Whew…

The Medal picture grew again today..!




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