*small* American Idol Update

18 02 2010

The Top 24 was revealed last night…which normally, in a non Olympic world… I would be over-the-moon about. I’m excited to bring you the list, but gotta tell you…I watched speedskating last night! (good thing for PVRs…)

Here is your Top 24 (only one or two will be massive stars…not necessarily the ‘winner’)


  • Aaron Kelly (16 year old, looks 12)
  • Alex Lambert (has an unfortunate last name…been done!)
  • Andrew Garcia (I’m a fan already)
  • Casey James (more than just a pretty face…I’m a fan)
  • Jermaine Sellers (great voice, great face…)
  • Joe Munoz (I forget him)
  • John Park (the Asian high school student)
  • Lee Dwyze (I dont remember him)
  • Michael Lynch (body builder and new father)
  • Tim Urban (is that a stage name?)
  • Todrick Hall (nice eyes!)
  • Tyler Grady (looks like a surfer/snowboard type…you get the picture)


  • Sioben Magnus (mousy Bostoner)
  • Paige Miles (cute, with a great smile…very commercial)
  • Michelle Delamor (memorable…hair?!)
  • Lilly Scott (Avril look alike)
  • Lacey Brown (Avril’s hard-core cousin)
  • Katie Stevens (highschooler)
  • Katelyn Epperly (I forget her)
  • Jannell Wheeler (I forget her too)
  • Haeley Vaughn (big smile, good voice)
  • Didi Benami (great voice, nice girl…should go far!)
  • Crystal Bowensox (janet joplin-esque)
  • Ashley Rodriguez (and….i forget her as well)

Obviously, some will just fade into obscurity after a few weeks… but there are definitly some stand outs to get excited about! Adam Lambert set the creativity bar high last season, let’s see who can step up!




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