A golden day 8!

19 02 2010

End of Day 8…and it was a loooong one! No compaints here, infact, I’m still watching a few events as I write.

Here’s a recap of some notable events:

Figure Skating- Ice Dance
THose darn Russians…they come out of the womb skating! So no surprise that the Russian team is on top after the first compulsory dance. And after a beautiful, world-class skate Canadians Virtue and Moir are in SECOND only one point behind the leaders. This is a great place to be heading into the next dance, the Original skate. Oh, and those pesky Americans are in third…yikes.

sounds morbid, but its just Luge…headfirst. In the Womens, Melissa Hollingsworth of Canada kind of cracked, and ended up in 5th. In the Mens, Jon Montgomery was Canada’s medal hopeful going in…and pulled out an incredible run! GOOOOOLLLLLDDD!!!!

**side note: The other canadian, Jeff Pain, has the COOLEST helmet…I want to see HBC use it in their next Olympic line…it’s called the “raging beaver“, and that name should say it all.

So the medal picture grows again today, looking kind of GOLDEN now!



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