A Sorta-Super Sunday recap…

21 02 2010

kind of a frustrating day for the hometeam. Here are some highlights and lowlights of the day that was…”super sunday”.

Lowlights (get them over with eh?)

  • Chris Del Bosco of ski cross, crashed in the finals unable to reach the podium. sad.
  • After an uncharacteristic crash on course, Canada’s bobsleigh team was too far behind to catch up in the final runs today, but still finished 5th amazingly!
  • Figure skater, Joannie Rochette’s mother died suddenly in hospital today…as of now, reports say Joannie will continue on in the comeptition…but I highly doubt that…and I HOPE she takes her time in recovery from such a loss. soooo sad.
  • oh yah…and I have a hard time even writing about this, so i will be brief. Canada lost a heartbreaker game to the USA in hockey. There. I said it.


  • Kristina Groves wins ANOTHER medal in long track speedskating… a Silver to add to her medal collection!
  • Both of Canada’s curling teams are steamrolling through the competition, winning both their matches today. (hey, if you like watching Canada WIN…start watching curling. By the way, Wayne Gretzky himself was in attendance last night…just saying.)
  • Canada’s dream team, Ice Dancers Virtue and Moyer continued in their quest for a podium birth …sitting in FIRST PLACE after an absolutly PERFECT skate andpersonal best score…they are the team on TOP going into the final skate!

So add another medal to the picture, although it’s becoming a bit of a Kristina Groves collage at this point…atta girl!




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