Another GOLDEN day…

23 02 2010

Congrats to late-night, Gold Medal winners of Ice dance, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir!

The Medal Picture is growing, picking up some momentum…and looks prettier than ever!

Be sure to check out MORE excitement today, here’s the schedule for Day 12:

12- Womens Curling CAN v GB

2- Long track speedskating

4- Womens Ski Cross

5- Mens Curling CAN v CHI

7:30- Womens Figure skating, short program
             Men’s Hockey CAN v GER qualification round

8- Womens Bobsled

10- Womens Curling CAN v RUS
        Mens Hockey: CZE v LAT

12am- Mens Hockey: SLO v NOR

it’s a marathon of a day! Canada’s reputation as THE hockey nation is on the line, Curling is heating up (both teams have clinched a spot in the final rounds), Joannie Rochette skates just DAYS after the tragic death of her mother, More long track speedskating and Ski Cross– the newest olympic sport, and one of the most entertaining! Enjoy…




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