The Summit Series 2010…

24 02 2010

For those of you who are unaware of that series, let me set the stage.

The year is 1972, we are int he middle of a cold war… and those darn Soviets are threatning to take our national identity- the game of hockey. We propose a DUEL…winner takes the pride and national honour. A 7 game series ensues, with games in both nations, and is touted as The Summit Series.

Paul Hendersons shot heard round the world gave Canada it’s game…to wear as a badge of honour….until the next country threatens to rip it from our proverbial lapel.

The time has come to rehash the past, to dig up old rivalries, to take up the torch from the heros of our past. In seriously, over dramatic fashion (only used by Canadians when talking about a big game) The Russians are back…and it’s life or death tonight.

There are a few other things to watch before that happens (call it a pre-show, call it an Olympic appetizer, call it 11 hours of build up) …

So here’s the schedule for the day:

1- Womens GS run

2:15- Mens Cross Country

3- Mens Hockey Q-final: USA v SUI

4- Womens Longtrack Speedskating

7:30- The big game: CAN v RUS

8- Womens Bobsled
      Womens Shortrack speedskating

8:45- Mens Shorttrack speedskating

9:30- Womens shorttrack relay

10-Hockey Q-Final: Finaland v CZE

12- Hockey Q Final: SWE vs SLO

So, there is definitly enough to keep you busy pre-game and post-game…

…and the medal picture could grow tonight!




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