Big day for the Home team…

25 02 2010

whether you want to call it “winning wednesday” or “womens wednesday” or my personal favourite,  “We beat those pesky Russians Wednesday” … yesterday was a great day on the podium for the hometeam.

Now it’s thursday, and the bar has been set high…but we have a chance to make it another great run for a haul of medals!

Here’s what I’m watching today:

12- Womens semi final curling : CAN v SUI

2- Womens Hockey BRONZE game: FIN v SWE

5- Mens Curling semi finals: CAN v SWE

6:30- Womens hockey GOLD game: CAN v USA

8- Ladies figure skating FINALS

9- Mens Aerials FINALS

The buzz is deafening, and there are plenty of stories to follow today. Joannie Rochette made international news and stole international hearts with her short program, tonight she goes for a medal! The Womens hockey team could lead the charge for hockey supremacy and another gold medal. The womens and Mens curling teams have been dominating, now it COUNTS…! And there are 3 Canadian men in the Aerials finals…3 times the chances!

Medal picture is gonna change today….I can feel it!




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