Just another day at the Olympics!

25 02 2010

Let me break it down for you. (a medals remix persay…)

Canada now has a total of 16 medals. 12.5 of those medals were won by WOMEN, that’s close to 80 percent. Of the 16 medals, 50% are GOLD…that’s right, 8 Gold medals! We are tied with both USA and Germany for most gold medals in the standings.

We are also guaranteed either a gold or silver in BOTH mens and womens Curling…so add THAT to the total! (and neither Germany or the US are in those finals)

Today was an active day (geez, the Olympics have not slowed down since the riveting opening ceremonies!) with semi-finals in curling, finals in hockey and figure skating!

Curling:  Both teams won…both will play for Gold in the finals. Go Kevin and Cheryl!

Womens Hockey: A rematch of every gold medal game in this sport…USA v Canada… shutout for Canadian star goalie, and two goals for Canadian young-gun Poulin lead Canada to a 2-0 win for GOLD!

Figure Skating: Joannie Rochette has been the emotional triumph of this winter games, and she skated her final program in hopes of a medal and sentimental win tonight. **RESULTS to come.

The medal picture looks differnt everyday…go team!




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