Friday’s Olympic Schedule…

26 02 2010

I have a late-night medal update!
Congrats Joannie Rochette winning a BRONZE last night in the marathon finals of womens figure skating!

Here’s the NEW medal picture:

and the schedule for the day looks like this (its another doozy my friends!)

12- Womens Curling BRONZE: CHI v SUI

1-Womens snowboard

3- Mens Hockey Semis: US v FIN

3:30- Mens speedskating relay Quater finals

4- Four man bobsled heats

6- Womens curling finals: CAN v SWE

9- Short track speedskating 500m

10:25- Shortrack speedskating finals

The medal count should rise substantially again today, with a guaranteed GOLD or SILVER in Curling, and some great hopefuls in speedskating relays and 500m. And women are owning Freestyle snowboard/ski races for Canada, so never count them out! Go Hometeam…!




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