*small* Survivor update

26 02 2010

I still can’t believe there is actually programming outside the Olympics right now… but apparantly American Idol actually beat the NBC Olympic coverage on wednesday…how can you compete with that? wow.

I digress… what I mean to say is that I stayed up extra late last night to catch this week’s installment of Survivor, so that come next week (sans olympics…sob!) I will be caught up.

So last night, on everyone’s favourite reality boardgame, all of the villains are vying for Parvati’s affection. Even the ones who say they arent. Her strategy seems to be working…all those hours in the gym pre-game have payed out in divedends…congrats. I dont totally get it, but when you are stranded on an island, and your eyecandy options are limited to stick-bug Courtney, ‘cougar’ Jerry, or loud mouth Sandra…I guess she rises to the top.

Last night featured one of the BEST challenges to date…it was simple (no mind bending puzzles)- knock someone from the platform in to the mud and win. The Heroes were AMPED up for this one and dominated, winning handley.

SO the villains make the choice between the wyley seductress or the old curmudgeon….hmmmm….

Rudy goes home. Parvati lives to tan another day.



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